Rafferty is a supporting antagonist in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He works for Vasquez at the dog fights and is sent to help track down Chloe.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua[]

Rafferty's boss, Vasquez runs the dog fights in Mexico City. He kidnaps stray dogs including Chloe to take them in his van to the dog fights and select them as challengers against his boss' dog champion, El Diablo. Delgado rescues Chloe before Vasquez and Rafferty can do anything about it. However, Rafferty and El Diablo are sent by Vasquez to go after them. Rafferty manages to notice that Chloe's owner, Rachel and Sam are other people looking for her, so, he contacts his boss on his phone to warn him. Diablo eventually captures Chloe and brings her to Vasquez. Vasquez orders Rafferty to put Chloe in a small cage in their van. However, Papi, Chloe's lover, helps her get away by jumping on him and biting his nose before having the chance to cage her, although Papi gets captured. After Chloe saves Papi, Rafferty and Vasquez go separate ways to look for Chloe but they fail to contact each other with their phones as they get farther. Suddenly, Rafferty hears a squeaky bark. Thinking that it is Chloe, he follows the bark sound and to his surprise shock, he gets captured by Delgado and arrested by Detective Ramirez; realizing that he was fooled by Delgado's squeaky bark trick. Finally, he is taken away along with his boss by the police to jail.