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Queen Tentacles is a villain in Atomic Puppet. She appeared in "Bend It Like Joey"


She appear as a large octopus-like alien, who is a medium orange on the outside and dark orange on the inside, has 6 bright yellow eyes, and has a body encased with a spaceship.


As mostly in every certain point of a years, she and her tentacle alien group would come to earth in plans of taking over and ridding humanity completely, but in order to do so, she and her opponent, the Justice Alliance would have duel in soccer, and usually from the previous years, she and her group were defeat by Captain Atomic (now AP), but as of now, she plans on returning, but has something in store for the Justice Alliance, she also introducing her spawn, Prince Tentalise, who outlandishly outwited Joey, AP, and the group, until they realize by the point of it, is by doing it, their own way, as they won the game, the queen was angered, who was set to get Joey and AP, but lured away by Cavalier, until the point she prompted to come after Cavalier, til the point where she lastly was thrown out of earth by Beacon kicking her, as all of her spawns retreated to escape.

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