Queen Deluca's Brothers are a trio of minor antagonists from the final episode of the Aladdin TV series "The Great Rift".

Role in the series

Centuries ago, the brothers escaped from the monster known as The Great Rift that, which would've destroyed Mesmaria into dust.

Queen Deluca drew plans to take over the Seven Deserts. However, her dear brothers did not like the idea of her becoming the most powerful ruler of Agrabah, the siblings start arguing ending up using their magic against each other. This caused the mysterious Great Rift to appear and it is in the form of a transparent, green monster with red eyes, and fangs of a saber-toothed cat. Aladdin discovered and tried to tell that the monster that fed on anger from the Mesmarians as they don’t listen and continue fighting each other, destroying the palace. Aladdin seeks the help of King Zahbar, the only Mesmarian not affected by the emeralds. He tells Aladdin that the emeralds have great magic as well as great anger causing the Great Rift to be disappeared. As a team, Aladdin, Iago, Genie, Carpet and Abu take Queen Deluca’s emerald and destroy it, until the brothers’ emeralds are depowered.

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