Quarrymen were a criminal organisation that became the chief antagonists of the final series of the Disney cartoon series Gargoyles - they were heavily influenced by the real-life hate group known as the Klu Klux Klan but were made up of all races and cultures united under a common hatred of gargoyles after their existence became known to the general public.

Unlike the previous enemies of the clan the Quarrymen were not supernatural in nature but rather ordinary humans fuelled by hate, fear and prejudice - the group was also being used by the Hunters as a means to continue their centuries long revenge against the gargoyles: at first Quarrymen had some popularity amongst the population but eventually lost all respect when they engaged in outright acts of terrorism that endangered human and gargoyle life.

Quarrymen dressed in fairly advanced suits of armor with executioner-style hoods (similiar to the KKK) and welded sledgehammers as a weapon of choice, their favored method of dealing with gargoyles was to smash any statue they found - in a manner similiar to the Vikings that massacred Goliath's clan centuries ago.