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Puppet Boy is a villain in Atomic Puppet. He is the opposite version of Joey Felt.


He has the similar head shape of Joey, while the rest of the body mainly consists the similar attire from what Commander Atomic carries, however, some notable features that he has is purple in parts of the attire than red, including a spiked crest and a demon wings on both sides. He's somewhat thinner than AP, primarly because with Commander Atomic helded him with two fingers rather than a whole hand like AP is held on.


He somewhat has the opposite of Joey's personality.

He holds the same twisted personality similar to that of Commander Atomic.


General Sub-Atomic

As explained in Parallel Puppet, he and Commander Atomic were from another dimension when they were battling General Sub-Atomic, who they fear of, as he theoretically knocked them out and out of nowhere, eventually ended up in a portal that was sent to AP and Joey's world.

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