Professor Von Doofenshmirtz

Professor Von Doofenshmirtz is an early 20th century evil scientist and founder of Doofenshmirtz Evil Amalgamated. Though most of his evil schemes are unknown, in 1903 he attempted to destroy the Danville World Fair with a giant robotic swan. However, he was thwarted by his nemesis, the foul-mouthed Swerry the Swan and launched into the sky until he finally landed over a century later.

Personal life[]

Professor Von Doofenshmirtz created a giant robotic swan to destroy the Danville World Fair, for some reason. However, he ended getting thwarted by Swerry , who then destroy the giant swan, sending von Doofenshmirtz soaring into the sky. In the end of the episode, Von Doofenshmirtz wasn't seen ever since until over hundred years later, he fell from the sky into the Flynn-Fletchers' backyard at the present timeline, alive but extremely old. Von Doofenshmirtz then wonders how long was he up there.

Physical appearance[]

In 1903, Von Doofenshmirtz was physically very similar to his probable descendant Heinz Doofenshmirtz, albeit with a Victorian era suit, top hat, and a handlebar mustache. By the time he fell back down to Earth, he had aged considerably, his hair had gone white, and he had grown a long beard.

Skills and abilities[]

Von Doofenshmirtz is shown to be a skilled inventor, just as the modern Doofenshmirtz. However, Von Doofenshmirtz seems to specialize in robots rather than inators, having built a large steam-powered early version of Norm, called Pneumatic Pnorman, and a giant robot swan with large hammers to destroy the World Fair.