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Professor Tite-Gripp is a villain in Atomic Puppet.


He appear as large and muscular, and having large robotic arms. He has dark brown hair and medium brown skin, and he mainly wears a white skull-shaped mask and wears an orange prison jumpsuit with white shoes.

Description and Personality

He's heavily described as the most powerful villain. His name describes as his robotic arms as for opening things, such as pickle jars, bank vaults, and prison cells, but however it mostly used for crushing cars and enemies.

He's usually describe for being more of a alpha and since he's capable of causing more mayhem and destruction, he apparently poses more of a threat than any other supervillain that Joey and AP had dealt with. One example was in a vision from Hero's Holiday, where after the scandal and the disappearance of AP, he's managed to conquer Mega City and is ruling over it in the near future, leaving the future version of Joey to defeat him, until future Joey was defeated and killed by being crushed with a large boulder.

He mostly resides in a maxinum security prison where he mostly has his arms held up with a lock that is inpenetratible to his strength.


  • "Big Pickle"
  • "Bad Lair Day"
  • "Sword Sisters"
  • "Soft Spot"
  • "Atomic Goo" (cameo)
  • "Truce or Consequences"
  • "Atomic Weakness"
  • "Hero's Holiday"
  • "The Big Shift (Part 2)"
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