Professor Crackpotkin is a one-time character and the main antagonist in the TaleSpin episode "Gruel and Unusual Punishment".

Role in the episode[]

Professor Crackpotkin was a diminutive Thembrian scientist who went insane as a result of a lifetime of being fed nothing but gruel by his mother for 20 years every day including gruel for breakfast, gruel-burgers for lunch and also gruel pizzas for dinner. He hated gruel so much he tried to destroy his home country's gruel reserves in a scheme he dubbed the Crackpotkin Plan, but was stopped and sent to Bedevilled Island Maximum Security Prison.

There, he met Baloo, who was there because he thought the prison was the Elizabeth Taper Health Resort, and upon learning that he was actually a pilot he and Crackpotkin joined forces to escape. Crackpotkin built a plane from various odds and ends from around the prison, including Warden Slammer's ceiling fan and filing cabinets and the motor from the Warden's new car, and Baloo flew them off of the island.

Unfortunately, the plane was a flying bomb, with which Crackpotkin intended to make another attempt at destroying the gruel reserves, after tricking Baloo into flying him all the way to Thembria. This time he succeeded, but Baloo was able to stop the resulting tidal wave of gruel from destroying a nearby Thembrian town. As for Crackpotkin, he was last seen covered in a ton of the glue, and it is assumed that the Thembrians sent him back to Bedevilled Island Maximum Security Prison after extracting him from it.