Professor Bannister is a Greenlandic evil scientist and the arch-nemesis of Lyla Lolliberry. He is the owner of Bannister Evil Enterprises.



Despite being an evil scientist, Bannister comes up with a plan that even Dr. Doofenshmirtz thinks is implausible and enormously complex, even more than his own evil schemes. He has a strong love for his homeland and jealousy towards Canada.

Physical Appearance[]

Bannister is extremely thin, a fact that was hidden during his initial encounter with Perry and Lyla due to the androids under his lab coat. He has a large afro and wears round glasses. He also wears a shirt designed like Greenland's flag, a metal belt with loops, and black slacks.


Bannister is originally from Greenland, but grew sick of its national anthem and lack of national pride. His jealousy of Canada led him to plot his evil scheme there. Using parts stolen from Seattle, he built two magnetic robotic versions of himself. He then plotted to steal Canada's symbol of national unity: Albert the Moose. Doing so, he would cause Canada to crumble, then annex it to Greenland and put in a new national anthem. He did this under the guise of a Canadian evil scientist, and got Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz to assist him in his scheme. However, he was found by his nemesis Lyla and Perry the Platypus, who were able to destroy his androids. He attempted to escape, but was captured by Peter the Panda, and imprisoned.