Prindle is the main antagonist of Herbie Goes Bananas.

Role in the film[]

Prindle and two others Shepard and Quinn come to mexico in search of a lost Inca city which they believe holds great treasure. Just when they are about to get on their way, an orphaned pick pocket named Paco steals their wallet containing some important film that would help them find the lost city. They begin a man hunt for the boy but fail to get to him after Herbie helps him escape and get aboard a cruise ship to Panama.

In Panama, Prindle and Quinn are waiting for Paco while he's being escorted off the ship but manages to escape. However they soon find him and make him get back their missing film otherwise they will cut up Herbie. Paco succeeds in getting the film back but double crosses them. This soon leads to chase out of Panama and into a bullring where a bull knocks their car onto its side and lose Paco and Herbie.

They regroup with Shepard and continue their search for the boy and the car by plane. They manage to find them and trick Paco into picking up a passanger. They capture him and fly off leaving behind Herbie to go for help. Prindle, Shepard and Quinn find the Inca ruins and to their delight an antique gold disc. They lose the gold when Herbie captures it a drives away into the dark jungle. Thinking they've lost their money, Prindle refuses defeat. They succeed in getting the gold back and try to escape in their plane but due to the extra weight they have problems taking off giving Herbie and Paco a fighting chance. In the end Prindle and his companions are arrested by the police and lose their gold.