Principal Rabinoff

Principal Rabinoff is the Principal at John Hughes High School who made his first major appearance in "Protest It Up". He is played by Tim Bagley.

Principal Rabinoff has appeared previously in a non-speaking cameo role in "Three's a Crowd It Up" where he was portrayed by a different actor.


He appeared in "Three's a Crowd It Up" when Deuce Martinez tried to sell Tinka Hessenheffer a Betwinkler X-96 Turbo. Tinka used it to betwinkle a lightning bolt onto Mr. Rabinoff's back without him realizing, calling out, "You're welcome, Principal Rabinoff!"

He appeared in "Protest It Up" and enforced school uniforms at JHHS during a school assembly, at the decision of the school board. He gave CeCe detention after she placed a pin on her school shirt because it wasn't regulation, and threatened to add another hour after she questioned him. During a school board meeting that night, he moved "Shepherd's Pie Tuesdays", ignoring Rocky and CeCe, claiming it to be "important school business". CeCe questioned him and asked him if he would go even further and take away their cell phones, to which he actually considered. He is quite strict when it comes to school board rules, not budging on dropping the uniform policy even after students interrupted the meeting with a dance routine to express their individuality, and staged a walk-out, led by Rocky. He was shown to be working with Tinka, who busted Rocky about the walk-out by wearing a wired microphone, feeding the information to him. Even after the local news came to JHHS and covered the walk-out, he refused to overturn the uniform policy because it was the school board's decision. After getting a call from a school board member on the air saying that the situation looks bad due to bad press, he drops the policy. He takes credit for it, claiming he had "convinced the school board to reconsider its position," and excitedly cheers, "We won! Go Bulldogs!"


  • "Good morning, students. Only a hundred and twenty-two days until summer vacation. That's right. You're not the only ones who count."
  • (To Rocky) "Good attitude, Stretch. [thumbs-up]"
  • "I weathered the chocolate milk walk-out in '94, I'm not bending on this. And their chant was stellar: 'We won't quit 'til it's chocolate! We won't quit 'til it's chocolate!' I couldn't get that out of my mind for months!"