Prince Roderick of Borrea is a Prince who appears in the Sofia the First episode "The Secret Library", as the main antagonist.



Roderick is a greedy pete and shameless egomaniac. Roderick is greedy enough to believe that wanting something is enough to make it his, an attitude he tries to justify with the phrase "Finder's Keepers". He is also shown to be very arrogant to the point where he doesn't listen to others or take them seriously as shown when he refused to listen when Sofia told him that Mazzimo wanted to be free and when he told her "Now fly along home and no one will get hurt." He's also shown to be really lazy as shown when he tells Gavin that "I guess we have to chase them now." after Sofia freed Mazzimo and when he told him "Gavin, come and fetch me." after Sofia unseated him from his horse. His bad attitude led to him losing all his horses.

Role in the Series

Roderick is the Prince of Borrea, a kingdom not far from Enchancia. Three months before the episode, his knights captured Mazzimo and brought him back to Borrea Castle. Roderick renamed him Thundercloud and held him in his stable against his will ever since.

Roderick first appears in his Royal Stable and finds Princess Sofia of Enchancia and her Aunt Tilly there. Sofia and Tilly both tell him they're there because Mazzimo wants to be free but Roderick refuses to listen. Sofia and Tilly trip him and Gavin up and free Mazzimo anyway. Not wanting to lose such a fine horse, Roderick gives chase and captures both Mazzimo and Sofia's horse Minimus. He and Gavin then land to properly secure them and then head back. On the way, he voices his hope that lunch would be ready back at his castle. Suddenly, Sofia intercepts him and frees Minimus. Roderick tells her to fly home but Sofia unseats him with Tilly's umbrealla and sends him down in defeat. He is last seen with Gavin telling him they're walking home after their horses fly off and leave them stranded.


  • Roderick is the second villainous prince on the show, the first being Prince Hugo. However, since Hugo reformed, Roderick is currently the only villainous prince on the show.
    • Also, unlike Hugo, Roderick was mean enough to actually threaten to hurt Sofia as he said, "Now fly home before someone gets hurt."
  • He is the oldest prince by age and the first adult prince on the show, about Princess Ivy's age.
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