Prince Gaylord is an antagonist from the Quack Pack episode, "Leader of the Quack".

Leader of the Quack[]

In his tower, Prince Gaylord is first seen admitting his disgust for the return of Donald Duck as king of Quaintinia for having accidentally defeated a dragon years ago and plots to eliminate him so as to seize the throne for himself. His plans to eliminate Donald backfire with every attempt.

When Prince Gaylord returns home, he captures Daisy Duck as his prisoner, who sneaked into his tower while he was away and who managed to find the same dragon named Nelly whom Donald accidentally defeated years ago. Disappointed that Nelly lost her fire when she was defeated by Donald long ago, Gaylord leaves to find some sweets, which literally bring fire into someone's belly (an experience he had earlier in the short) while Nelly has tea with Daisy and admits she's a nice dragon but a bit of "a sucker for gifts," which explains her alliance with Gaylord. When Gaylord returns, Nelly tries to stand up to him: "I am my own dragon. I choose for myself!" as suggested by Daisy; only to fall into serving Gaylord again when he offers her the sweets, which bring back her fire; much to Gaylord's joy. Daisy manages to escape as Nelly spins around excited to have her fire back.

Nelly is next seen setting the villages on fire as she makes her way to regrettably eliminate Donald. Luckily, with Daisy's help, Donald manages to save himself from being burned by offering Nelly her favorite: chocolates. Then, a gift-offering war ensues between Donald and Gaylord until Donald finally wins by offering Nelly the crown since Donald is sick of being king and Nelly likes the outfit, therefore, making Nelly the new queen of Quaintinia. When Gaylord furiously demands she torches Donald and calls her a nincompoop, Nelly finally turns against him and sends him running away in flames; never to be seen or heard from again.