Power Princess was the only female member of the Squadron Supreme.


Avengers Assemble[]

In the episode "Hyperion," Zarda is only seen in flashbacks as well as memorial statue in Hyperion's lair. In the episode "Dark Avengers," Zarda later appears in person with the rest of the Squadron.

In the episode "Secret Avengers," Zarda fights Crimson Dynamo for the keys to a specific power source only to be repelled by Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, and Hulk.

In the episode "Midgard Crisis," Zarda amplifies the zoo animals in order to get close to the Avengers claiming that she's trying to switch sides. When Thor finds Zarda on her island, she puts him through her training process where she creates different lifeforms like a dragon and some Rock Trolls. Unbeknownst to Thor, their training is causing tidal waves that threatened Manhattan. When Hulk arrives upon hitching a ride on Mjolnir, he tries to help Thor only to be amplified into a monstrous form by Zarda. Thor manages to help Hulk regain control as he regresses back to normal. Upon the arrival of the other Avengers, Zarda escapes. Upon meeting up with Nighthawk, Zarda tells him that she was wrong about swaying a member of the Avengers to their side. In the episode "Avengers' Last Stand," Zarda joins the Squadron Supreme into enacting Nighthawk's plot against the Avengers.

In the episode "Avengers Underground," Zarda engages Iron Man, Thor, and Falcon where they trap Zarda and Nuke in the same box. After the Squadron Supreme are defeated, Zarda and the rest of the Squadron Supreme are mentioned to have been remanded to a special section of the Vault.


The Squadron Supreme in the comics was based of the Justice League of DC Comics. Power Princess is based off Wonder Woman.