Pops Clock is a character who appeared in the Bonkers episode, "The Day the Toon Stood Still".


Pops Clock used to be diligent and caring in controlling toon time, which is what makes cartoon characters keep their sense of humor. If not, they can go out of control, thanks to Pops, who felt taken for granted, and snapped, becoming sinister, insane, and evil. He threatened to wipe out the entire toon population, by causing toon time to become unstable, and ripping out gears, cogs, and other clock parts in the clock tower. Bonkers and Fall-Apart realized that they were about to "go back to blank pieces of paper" (which is like dying). After a long time of figuring out the answer, Fall-Apart said "Thank you". The heroes realized that the words were the key to controlling toon time. After Pops Clock turned everything back to normal, he informed the two toons about using "Please" and "Thank you", and he vanished into thin air.

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