Plugsy is a minor antagonist from The Brave Little Toaster.


The Brave Little Toaster[]

Plugsy is a purple pear-shaped shaded nightlighting desktop smartlamping stander with a high-wattage L.E.D. light bulb from Europe who is an ally to the Cutting-Edge Appliances. He tries to prevent his current allies, Toaster and his gang, from letting Rob take them to college. When Toaster and his fellow appliances arrive at 2470 McBean Parkway, Plugsy pretends to welcome them. However, Plugsy and the Cutting-Edge Appliances trick them, and Plugsy himself kicks Toaster and his gang into a dumpster in order to force Rob to take him instead. However, due to T.V.'s intervention, the Master finds out that his appliances are gone and rejects his mother's new appliances, saying he prefers his "oldies but goodies." Plugsy frowns and becomes heartbroken over the whole matter.


  • Whereas Lampy is voiced by a German in the German dub, because the German word for lamp (Die Lampe), is a German word, Plugsy is nevertheless voiced by a German anyway. Plugsy is also a lamp.