The Pack

Left to Right: Dingo, Hyena, Fox, Jackal and Wolf


The Pack are a group of ambitious martial artists and combatants from the animated television series Gargoyles.



The Pack were originally rounded up by David Xanatos to star in an eponymous TV show. However, this was a mere ploy, as Xanatos had ulterior intentions for them. So, when the chance arose, he secretly pitted the Pack against the Manhattan Clan, and consequently, the group turned from TV stars to wanted criminals. The Pack were released from jail by Coyote, Xanatos' robot double. Fox stayed behind and was granted parole, making herself their former leader. The remaining pack later had upgrades: Hyena and Jackal were given cybernetic implants, Wolf was genetically spliced, and Dingo was simply given an exo-suit. Although the twins stayed together, Dingo and Wolf went their separate ways. It was revealed that Wolf is a descendant of Hakon. Dingo went back to Australia to become a real hero, when the Matrix fused with his exo-suit.


  • Fox (first and ex-leader)
  • Coyote (second leader)
  • Jackal
  • Hyena
  • Wolf
  • Dingo (formerly)

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