Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch are three witches and the main antagonists who live alone in the Marshes of Morva. They were the original owners of the Black Cauldron and lent it to Arawn, but he had to pay a hefty price for it. The witches are Alexander's version of the Fates from Greek and Norse mythology.

They are seen suspecting that Taran, Eilownly, gurgi and Fleudder Flam are theives. However, Taran says he wants the cauldron. Orddu offers him floating items around the room, such as a teapot. Taran destroys them with his magic sword, much to the amazement of the witches. The witches are determined to get the sowd with a bargain that is. The bargain is that Taran and his friends can have the cauldron in exchange for the sword, believing they will return it because they will not do anything with it. The witches think they will have the sword AND the cauldron.

The heroes still don't know about what the witches want in order for them to get the cauldron. Taran's friends oiffer their property but they all fail. Taran realizes he must surrender his sword. Orddu gives them the cauldron after Taran reluctanly give the witches the sword. Orddu says it can be only used for Cauldron born and in order to stop it, one must be brave enough to climb into the cauldron. Gurgi decides to and is about when Orddu mockingly tells them that if one climbs in they will never come out alive. Taranand friends take the cauldron/

The witches are seen last when Gurgi is thought by Taran and friends to be dead because he jumped into the cauldron to save Taran and friends from the evil Horned King. The witches see that Taran is stil not satisfied so they prepare to take it when Fleudder fflam reminds the witches that they made a baragain and traded. The witches argues back. Fflam says that they have no real power. They witche's body turns green and they take the cauldron give back the sword. Orddu declares "we have made a bargain", cackling. then she and the other two witches leave.

It is revealed in the movie that they are sisters to each other.


Orwen seems to be soft-hearted as she firlts with Fluedder Flam, a minstrel and friend of Taran and Eillowny, even turning him back to hiuman when the other witches turn him into a toad for lunch.

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