One-Eye is a leopard and antagonist who makes his first and only appearance in Monkey Mountain.


One-Eye is a bright golden leopard with black spots. His eyes are red, and the tips of his ears are tinged black. His front paws are white, while his back paws are the same bright gold as his main pelt. Like Scar, he has a slash over his left eye. He gained this injury from a warthog, and it often makes it difficult for him to see.


One-Eye is conniving and intimidating. Even Shriek refuses to rebel against him, despite having a vulture and a cape dog on his side.


The Hakuna Matata Magazine Series

Monkey Mountain

One-Eye works with a hyena named Shriek, as well as an African wild dog and a vulture to hunt Simba. His vision is bad, and he relies on the two for food, but they are oblivious to this fact, left to wonder why One-Eye puts up with them. Despite his bad vision, he is still a match for Simba and his friends.

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