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Ogres are large creatures with sharp teeth that fight with the White Witch's army in the Narnia series. They are very similar to Cyclopes and females are called "Ogresses".

Personal life[]

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe[]

In the White Witch's castle, the jailer is an ogre. Ogres attend Aslan's sacrifice and they joined the White Witch's army. Many ogres appear in the army. During the battle, some of the ogres are possibly killed by rocks dropped by Griffons. The ogres started fighting against Aslan's army in the first scene in the battle. Next, in the extended version, ogres see a Phoenix and want to shoot it down, but it survived and it is possible they were injured. After the battle ended, ogres start to run away with the other minions.

Prince Caspian[]

Only a few ogres survived in the hills of Archenland. In the video game, ogres joined the Old Narnians to fight against Miraz.