Officer Langley Turk is a character and antagonist from Fillmore!. He is an X Middle School student and a member of the school's law force different from the Safety Patrol.


Officer Langley Turk is a caucasian teen with shaggy, brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a police uniform, which includes of a light blue shirt with a pocket on the right holding two pens (which are red and green), dark blue tie with a police i.d. attached to it, black belt, dark blue pants and black shoes.


When Fillmore is about to head into Frugal Magoo's Thrift Store, he comes across Officer Turk there. Off. Turk, knowing of Fillmore's trouble-making past, thinks and presumes right away that he must be up to no good once again. But it also seems that he somehow may not have seen Fillmore for quite some time until that point, because he doesn't know that Fillmore redeemed himself and reformed, and is now a Safety Patroller, as Fillmore tells him. But Off. Turk just won't hear of it and he has him apprehended. But when Fillmore receives a call from Ingrid, pertaining to the case involving more info on the circumstances surrounding the tarantula, Guildenstern, he exits a golf cart in which he was placed and has Turk buckled in it before leaving. After eventually getting free and later finding Fillmore again, this time in the storage room of Soetn's General Animal Hospital, where Eric Orben is also found, Fillmore manages to get Turk stuck again, when the officer gets put in a rolling chair and he gets pushed toward the filing drawers. His tie gets placed and caught in one. Fillmore chose to come to Eric's aid, because he didn't believe Eric was the one responsible for putting Guildenstern in the animal hospital. Turk is last heard on a speaker out of the building, after someone finds him and can be heard saying one thing about what he is. Turk can be heard denying it and goes on a rant about what and who he really is.[2]