Norman is the main villain of Disney's Raw Toonage and Marsupilami cartoon series - a large and mean-spirited human male who plays the part of anything from a common bully to a smuggler or even a witch (in a parody of the Wizard Of Oz).

He is similiar in many ways to the legendary Disney villain Pete in his mannerism and wide array of villainous alter-egoes but is much more madcap to fit in with Marsupilami's decidedly wacky plots and humor.

Norman could be considered an archenemy of sorts to Marsupilami but isn't really much of a stalker (unlike many villains) - instead Marsupilami seems to find him by chance, for some reason despite the two meeting many times neither seem to remember one another, though this could be down to the fact the cartoon didn't seem to have much in the way of a continued canon outside the individual episodes.

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