Newton is a character and antagonist from the comic book series PKNA. He is a battle droid of the Organization who is used in some delicate missions despite his questionable competence.


Newton is slightly dumb and impatient and frequently uses the hard way to resolve the situation, not knowing the delicate art of diplomacy. For this reason, Vostok, the Organization's scientist, is unable to bear him, but the dislike is mutual. He's a very dutiful droid, who put the interests of his masters before all, without considering any moral scruples. Newton's most beloved item is a green tie with ping frogs, that everybody else finds ugly.


Newton appears in only three issues. The first time, issue #14, he and The Duck Avenger work together because of mayor reasons that force them to collaborate. The other two times the masked duck and the droid are adversaries on opposite sides. In issue #34, he helps the Griffin in his attempt to capture Trip, the Griffin's own past self. In issue #43, Newton was arrested by the Time Police along with the senior leaders of the Organization. He's presumably reprogrammed or placed in a cronocapsule in the prison Time Ø to serve his sentence for numerous crimes.

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