Nega-Globby is a villain character in Big Hero 6: The Series. He is the mutant doppelgänger of the original Globby created by Liv Amara when her assistant Chris retrieved a sample of Globby's own substance and accelerated its tissue regeneration.


When Honey Lemon sought to develop a cure for Globby, Chris broke into San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and retrieve a sample of Globby's substance. He takes it back to Sycorax, where Liv Amara experimented on it due to the substance's self-regenerating capabilities.

The dark bluish blob became sentient, so Liv and Chris locked it up in one of the holding cells on Sub-level 9. When Chris was attempting to feed it, it quickly got out when the doors was deactivated and merging with one of Liv's experiments within the bio tanks, gaining a single red eye for sight. The Glob escaped and went on a rampage in San Fransokyo.

Physical Appearance

Nega-Globby is nearly identical to the original, except is slightly larger than Globby himself and it's gelatinous form is indigo slime, having a single cycloptic red eye.

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