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Naughty Kitty is a vilain of Atomic Puppet. She Appeared in "AP vs. Disastro".


She appeared to wear some sort of a black cat costume with a skirt, a black and purple leggings, and has long magenta hair, nose, lips, and eyebrows, a long black cat mask with green eyes (not natural ones), a light purple headband, cat teeth, and faux cat whiskers.


She has a possession of wanting to steal any cat she favors of, based on appearance, and display feline-like personality although, after see AP, who she thinks he looks like cat in a different way rather than what cats normally looked like, she say some cat puns for example: "Cat got your tongue", she able to perform somersaults in order to outwit anyone, including Joey.


  • "AP vs. Disastro"
  • "Bad Lair Day"
  • "Truce or Consequences"
  • "The Switch"