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Nathaniel is the (former) secondary antagonist of the movie Enchanted.

Nathaniel tells Prince Edward of Queen Narissa's true ways.

Nathaniel decides to stop Prince Edward for the queen, from rescuing Princess Giselle, Edward's true love.

Meanwhile, Queen Narissa's henchman Nathaniel follows Edward and Pip, who have journeyed to New York to save Giselle. After watching an opera. He sneaks out to give Giselle a poisoned apple. Pip is unable to speak in this world and has a frustrating time alerting the Prince of the minion's intentions. When Nathaniel fails twice to poison Giselle, only to be stopped by Pip, Narissa becomes infuriated.

A remorseful Nathaniel confesses his deeds and reveals that the spell has to be broken before midnight for Giselle to live. Robert revives Giselle with a true love's kiss, but Narissa uses the distracting moment to break free. She transforms into a blue dragon, and she makes an ending for the story by declaring that a beast was going to kill them all and she, in her human form, would not save them. Narissa snatches Robert and lures Giselle to the top of the Woolworth Building. With help from Pip, the Narissa dragon falls from the roof to her death, exploding in a fury of dark energies. Giselle catches Robert, and they manage to keep themselves from falling off the roof. Later Nathaniel becomes an Author.