Myrna is a character on Once Upon a Time. She does not have a Storybrooke counterpart.


While Myrna and her husband, Martin, are putting on a puppet show for people at an unnamed village, they have their young son Jiminy sneak around the crowd, pickpocketing them. Later, they both count the money Jiminy has collected. Jiminy finds a cricket and admires it but she says they are just "noise bugs." Jiminy says that they're free, to which she quickly fires back that he is also free. Now older, she and Martin are still up to their old tricks. They talked about what scam to run next, but Jiminy interjects saying that they make enough from the puppet show. They complain about getting old and tell Jiminy to stay with them until they die. They then tell him to set up for the show. Later they arrive at a house where they pretend to be homeless and in need of a place to stay.

Myrna tells a story about the town over being hit by the plague and that they are immune due to the use of elf tonic. They swindle the family into giving them all their gold and objects of worth for a tiny vial of what the family thinks is elf tonic. Martin reveals that he switched Jiminy's potion for the rain water. They then laugh not realizing the effects of the potion.