Muviro is a character featured in The Legend of Tarzan. He appears in the episode "Tarzan and the Eagle's Feather" and serves as the episode's primary antagonist.

Role in the episode

Muviro is a warrior from the Waziri tribe. He is hostile to outsiders (especially Tarzan and his allies), and has been envious of Basuli for achieving everything he himself could not. When Tarzan accompanies Basuli on his quest to retrieve an eagle's feather before sundown, the two encounter hindrances along the way. A tree falls into the river they are crossing, a stampede of rhinos chases them, and as the two near the mountains, a rock slide starts. Tarzan spots Muviro just as he is about to push another rock off the mountainside, and wrestles with him. When Basuli demands an explanation, Muviro confesses his jealousy and reveals his plot to claim Basuli's place as chieftain. Basuli fights Muviro one on one and both go over the edge of a cliff. Muviro's grasp slips, but Tarzan swoops down and saves him before he plummets to certain doom. Basuli exiles Muviro from the tribe for his treacherous actions.

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