Ms. Finster is a frequent antagonist of the main crew of child protagnists in the Disney cartoon series Recess, although Ms. Finster is technically a teacher and enforcer of discipline rather than a true villain she is never the less shown to be a control-freak and sometimes even downright malevolent: though it could be argued her malvolence is played upon more due to children generally disliking authoritative figures.

Ms. Finster is however quite open in her views that children should be treated fairly harshly and views most children as little more than "hooligans" - she even employs Randall C. Weems as her eyes and ears on the playground: rewarding him with cookies and other such perks for being what the other children refer to as a "snitch".

Despite being fairly old Ms. Finster is a formidable fighter, of course she never utilises these techniques on any of the children but she has been seen using them against the enemies in the Recess Movie as well as for purely recreational use: she seems to be especially skilled at boxing.

It has been hinted that Ms. Finster was not always the overbering authoritarian she is today and indeed despite her usual antagonistic role she has had moments of being more of a friend and has appeared as a shagger (or at least benefactor) on rare occassions.

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