Mrs. Turtle is a green turtle that first appeared in Mickey Mouse Works. She can be overprotective of her son Baby Shelby and will often yell if she can't find him, or if she gives someone an order.


Mickey Mouse Works

Mrs. Turtle made her debut in the cartoon Donald's Shell Shots where she lets Donald take a photo of Baby Shelby at the mall. However, Baby Shelby only causes Donald lots of trouble to take his picture. Mrs. Turtle will later go on to leave Baby Shelby at Donald's care unexpectedly, which will then again make Shelby one of Donald's advisories. She can also sometimes get impatient with Mickey Mouse and Goofy in the cartoon "Babysitters". Mrs. Turtle made a cameo in "Daisy's Big Sale", attending Daisy's hairbow party.

House of Mouse

Mrs. Turtle makes an appearance with her son in the House of Mouse episode "Mickey vs. Shelby" where she left Shelby at Mickey's care. Unfortunately, Mickey has a very difficult time trying to catch Shelby and get him on stage. Near the end of the episode, after Mickey does an xylophone performance with Shelby, Mrs. Turtle decided to leave Shelby at Donald's care, much to Donald's dismay.


  • Like King Leonidas from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mrs. Turtle has a very loud yell (only when she gets agitated if someone can't find Baby Shelby); but not as strong as King Leonidas'.
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