Oh, Sweeney, you little dickens. Someday, you'll be more famous than Betty What's-her-name, more popular than that old Colonel fella, and more important, you'll be rich. Rich! Rich! Rich!
      —Mrs. Sweeney

Mrs. Sweeney is the main antagonist of the Rescue Rangers episode "Pie in the Sky".


Physical appearance[]

Mrs. Sweeney is noticeably shorter than her son Todd. Because of this, she often has to use a stepladder to reach Todd's head.


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers[]

Mrs. Sweeney is a businesswoman who owns a bakery out in the middle of nowhere. She seeks to make a fortune by selling chicken pies. However, since chickens are costly, she decides to get wild birds for free and use them as pie filling. At the top of her hideout, she installs a solar-powered electromagnet in order to lead migrating birds astray. But since she wants to keep the machine well-hidden, she insists that the magnetism be kept to a minimum. She constantly tries to tell her son Todd not to turn up the magnetism so high.


  • Mrs. Sweeney is named for Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.