Mr. Yama is a minor antagonist in Big Hero 6.

He is voiced by Paul Briggs.


Yama is an overweight, obese crime boss that wears a blue jacket with yellow stripes and track pants with the same color.

Yama is a greedy and arrogant money loving boss who runs the illegal bot fighting arenas in San Fransokyo. He hates being hustled, even fairly.


Yama is seen with a shogun-bot used to attack a goth girl with a pink robot which gets cut in half by the shogun-bot's chainsaw. After Yama gets the girl's money, Hiro then decides to challenge Yama with a little microbot. Hiro almost gets kicked out since he needs to pay to play, so he forks over his cash and fights Yama's shogun-bot, which the little microbot ends up getting destroyed easily.

When Hiro tries to challenge Yama again at first, the latter tells that no one wants to go up against a sore loser (referring to Hiro), but after Hiro forks over some more cash, the latter accepts the rematch. Unfortunately for him, Hiro decides to not take it easy on his shogun-bot and has his little microbot assemble back together. It moves rapidly, avoiding the shogun-bot's attacks and manages to single handedly destroy the shogun-bot, thus fairly making Hiro the winner.

This makes Yama mad as he does not liked being hustled and has his goons try to beat up Hiro, but the latter manages to be saved in the nick of time by his brother, Tadashi. As they attempt to escape, the cops arrest an embarased Hiro, an upset Tadashi, Yama, and his goons and sends them to prison. Fortunately for Hiro and Tadashi, they are let out early and are met by a disappointed Aunt Kess.


  • Yama may or may not have appeared in the original Big Hero 6 comic books.
  • Yama is one of the two villains in the film that is currently imprisoned, the second being Yokai.
  • He looks similar to Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars, as both are obese and are crime lords.