Mr. Gribbish is the owner of Gribbish Kitchen Appliances at 3436 Flower Street in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "The Luck Stops Here". He is Clyde Cosgrove's boss.

Role in the episode[]

Mr. Gribbish enters Clyde Cosgrove's office to check up on the Meal-O-Matic. When Cosgrove tells him it isn't ready yet, Gribbish warns him that if it isn't ready in time for the Appliance show in the afternoon, Cosgrove will be "sliced and diced right out of the business."

Later, Gribbish tells Cosgrove that movers will be here soon to move the exhibits to the convention show and if the Meal-O-Matic isn't ready, he'll "move him out on the streets."

At the convention, due to some unexpected tardiness, Gribbish approaches Cosgrove with the invention in the storeroom and harshly tells him to finish the repairs on the invention as fast as possible before the judges arrive at their booth. Later, when the Meal-O-Matic is well fixed by Cosgrove, Gribbish takes him and the invention to their booth to keep the judges from waiting and provides them with a demonstration. Impressed with the results, Gribbish tries to take all the credit only to be dealt with the Meal-O-Matic itself and Cosgrove wins the Golden Beater Award.