"As long as the puppy of darkness in your heart continues to grow, Lady Cruella will come wrap you all up in her coat of darkness and steal you away."

Mr Dalmatia during his last speech to the guests.

Mr. Dalmatia is a character from Disney's Halloween time in Tokyo. He is Cruella de Vil's minion from 101 Dalmatians. It is said that he is a puppy transformed by black magic into a young man to serve his mistress.


Family: Cruella De Vil (master) Home: Hell Hall


With the purpose of "inviting humans to the world of villains," each underling was changed into "figures appealing to humans" by their master villain and dispatched to the human world during Tokyo Disney Sea's 2015 Halloween.

Mr. Dalmatia is one of them. It is said that he was one of the puppies kidnapped by Jasper and Horace but was transformed through black magic into a young human to serve Cruella de Vil. During the show, he is introduced with the others by Mr. V who said that he's yet to shake all his canine habits.

When someone evoked "Cruella-Sama," you will see him getting even more excited and showing his coat, which is supposed to be his fur when he is in his animal form. He is probably one of the most loyal recruiters to his master and has showed deep love for her. His item is a paw.



Mr. Dalmatia is the embodiment of a puppy. Most of the time, you will see him act as one, scratching his neck as though there’s a collar there, bugging the others after the show to take him for a walk, or even barking when someone bothers him or when he is excited. He teases everyone, friends and guests alike, in a crude manner, sticking his tongue out at people or pushing over their toys. Some of the other recruiters tease him with games of fetch, causing him go sprinting across the performance area, then returning extremely grumpy after realizing he’d been tricked.


Mr. Dalmatia and Jack Heart are best friends. During a show, if both of them are there, they tend to stick together on stage. He also gets along with the rest of the Recruiters, often stealing their objects and hiding them in his coat. Pretty Scar is madly in love with him, calling him "Darling" every time she is close to him. It had appeared that he did not reciprocate her feelings, always running away whenever she was nearby. However, at the end of 2018, while hesitant, he agrees to wait alongside her until the guests come see them again in 666 years.