Mr. Carruthers is a minor antagonist in Disney's Snowball Express. He is a CPA and Johnny Baxter's former boss.

Role in the film

When Mr. Carruthers notices one of his accountant employees, Johnny Baxter is only one minute late for work, he approaches Baxter. At first, Mr. Carruthers sarcastically greets him and then strictly reminds him that office hours start at 9. But when Baxter explains the reason for his tardiness, Mr. Carruthers refuses to listen and tells him that he would "appreciate it if he would take care of his personal affairs on his own time" when he points out that there is a man waiting on Baxter's desk to see him.

However, when Baxter learns that his Uncle Jacob Barnesworth had passed away and has inherited his hotel in Silver Hill, Colorado, he gladly gives out his hearty farewell speech to his fellow workers while giving some of his personal effects to some of them. Mr. Carruthers is upset to find his workers not working and shocked to learn that Baxter is quitting his job. As payback for 11 years of suffering at his mercy, Baxter gives back his computer cards "from whence they came; unfolded, unspindled, and unmutilated" and proceeds to mess up and ruin the computer machine, leaving it to run and send out countless papers uncontrollably and Carruthers in embarrassment as he tries to stop the machine; much to Baxter and everyone else's joy and amusement as Baxter leaves the building. He isn't seen throughout the rest of the movie after this. 

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