Of course, this isn't your ordinary housecat. This is like Arnold Schwarzen-kitty!
      —Chance about the Mountain Lion.

The Mountain Lion is the main antagonist in the 1993 film Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.  His roars were done by Frank Welker.


While, Shadow and Chance are walking near a mountainside, the mountain lion begins to stalk them after recently having a meal. As the mountain lion gets closer to them, he announces his presence and Chance spots him, while Shadow was underwater looking for fish. Chance yells for Shadow to look, but when he does, the mountain lion disappears. Chance sees him again a little closer and Chance yells again to Shadow and when Shadow furiously looks, the mountain lion lets out a shriek and the two dogs run away. The mountain lion does not chase them, but slowly follows their scent. The dogs run into a dead end on a cliff above the river. Shadow sees a long rock atop a boulder which looks like a seesaw, with Chance unwittingly providing Shadow with a plan to get rid of the mountain lion. Shadow runs back to find him and starts barking to get his attention. The mountain lion finds him and a chase is ensued. For an old dog, Shadow outruns the mountain lion and brings him back to the dead end.

The mountain lion finds Shadow and roars at him as Shadow taunts him. The mountain lion approaches them and Shadow signals Chance to jump on the other side of the seesaw. Chance gets distracted and the big cat, tired of waiting lets out a loud roar until Chance focuses and jumps. The seesaw catapults the mountain lion over the cliff and into the river below. He survives, but realizes he is outmatched and runs off scared and the dogs give out a victory bark, with Chance also yelling that "Dogs rule and Cats drool!" (a reversal of Sassy's statement to him before then). What ever happened to the mountain lion is unknown.

The Mountain Lion is later mentioned by Chance when he and Sassy try to help Shadow out of the hole.


  • In the Homeward Bound soundtrack CD, the track relating to this part of the film is called 'The Cougar', although in the film, Chance refers to it as a mountain lion.
  • The Mountain Lion is the main antagonist because it had bigger plans and was far more dangerous than anyone else.
  • Before the Mountain Lion stalks Shadow and Chance, he can be seen licking his lips. It was implied that the Mountain Lion may have already had a meal and was trying to take more than he needed.
  • As he stalks Shadow and Chance, he can be heard purring.
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