Morgana Macawber is a character from the Darkwing Duck TV show and comic books. She is a Transylvanian sorceress, and the love interest of Darkwing Duck.


Morgana is a member of the Macawber family, a brood of sorcerers and monsters who were introduced in "Monsters R Us". Like most depictions of witches, Morgana is accompanied by a group of familiars, including a spider named Archie, and two bats named Eek and Squeak. Her father, Moloculo, is very protective of his daughter and dislikes that she is dating a "normal" or non-magic user. She also has an Aunt called "Aunt Nasty" and a cousin named Globby who both appear again with Moloculo in the episode "Hot Spells".


Originally an evil sorceress, Morgana changed her ways and became a romantic interest for Darkwing, as well as joining up with the Justice Ducks. Morgana is shown to possess a very short temper at times, especially when Darkwing has a hard time trusting her, which is shown in the season one episode "My Valentine Ghoul". She is loving towards Darkwing.

Physical appearance[]

Morgana is designed as a horror movie femme fatale. Her on-screen look includes elements of the Bride of Frankenstein (hair), Morticia Addams (hidden feet), and various other movie creations. Likewise, her persona screams of horror movie goddesses, switching rapidly from the sultry purr of a succubus to the roaring unstable scream of Shakespeare's three witches. She is accompanied by two bats Eek and Squeak, and a spider named Archie. And, of course, she bewitches Darkwing just like a succubus or Bride of Dracula would. Onscreen, she is usually referred to as a witch or sorceress.


Darkwing Duck[]

Morgana Macawber is Darkwing Duck's sorceress girlfriend. Before she met him, she was originally a criminal, but later reformed. Their attraction was nearly instantaneous from her very first appearance. In "Just Us Justice Ducks", she becomes a member of the Justice Ducks. She has earned Darkwing's trust, as she is one of only four characters that he has intentionally revealed his secret identity too.

Printed media[]

Darkwing Duck (Boom! Studios/Joe Books)[]

In the show's revival comics published by Boom! Studios, it is revealed that after Taurus Bulba took over the city with his Quackwerks company and its Crimebots, forcing Darkwing Duck to retires from crime-fighting, he told Morgana that he was going to have to break up with her as a result, despite her protests. In the year following this, Morgana goes into shock. Fortunately, after Darkwing returns to crime-fighting, he and Morgana happily reunite in "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings". Unfortunately, at the end of the comic's next story arc, "F.O.W.L. Disposition", when Morgana transports everyone to Duckthulu's dimension to help Darkwing defeat him, she ends up not coming back to the main dimension with them.

In the Darkwing Duck/DuckTales crossover arc "Dangerous Currency", it was revealed that Morgana ended up being transported to the same Wasteland where Negaduck had ended up after being reduced to particles at the end of "Crisis on Infinite Darkwings". After a portal to the Wasteland was generated, Darkwing was able to pull Morgana out, but not without bringing Negaduck with her. However, "Dangerous Currency" was published without approval from Disney and was erased from canon when Joe Books picked up the Darkwing Duck license a few years later. Aaron Sparrow had planned to eventually bring Morgana back in the next Darkwing Duck comic series that Joe Books published, but Disney cancelled the comic before such a story could be written, and ultimately replaced Sparrow with Amanda Deibert for the next Darkwing Duck comic by Dynamite Entertainment. Morgana appears on one of the variant covers for the Dynamite series' first issue, thereby negating the plot thread of her having vanished in the Boom!/Joe Books comics.


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  • According to an interview with Tad Stones by the now-defunct fansite Flapping Terror, Morgana and Darkwing were intended to get married and have children of their own; Stones believed it would make for a good spin-off series.
  • The name Macawber is a play on the words "macabre" and "macaw" (even though she seems to be a duck).
  • In "Ghoul of My Dreams", we learn that the reason why Morgana had to steal all the money in town is to pay back a student loan she made. Later, we see the school these loans were presumably for, and learn that magic is in fact mostly based in math; hence the heavy loans.
  • Her hairstyle is inspired by Frankenstein's bride.
  • Morgana is a mixed parody of many comic sorcerers, like Doctor Strange and his witch bride Clea, her mother Umar, Agatha Harkness, the Black Queen Selene and Scarlet Witch from Marvel Universe, and Catwoman and Zatana the magician from DC Universe.
  • Morgana similar to Featherika von Strangeduck from DuckTales.