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Mongo (show)

Mongo is a character and antagonist from Slugterra. He is amember of the Scrap Force Gang. He appeared in "The Hard Part" and in the movie Slugterra: Ghoul From Beyond.


Formerly known as the Tough Guys, the Scrap Force are the ruling gang of Deep Storage, under Boss Ember’s command. The Scrap Force consists of two henchmen: Straggus and Mongo.


He first appeared in "The Hard Part" as the scrap force member trying to capture the Shane gang and losing but Straggus uses a Xmitter slug and defeats the Shane Gang but the Shane Gang makes an escape mongo asks boss ember to change the name from The Tough Guys to The Scrap Force.


  • The Hard Part (First)
  • Ghoul From Beyond
  • Slugterra: Into the Shadows


  • He is actually not the dumbest when Trixie tricked Straggus to use it Xmitter slug in "The Hard Part".
  • His name is misspelled as "Mungo" in "Slugterra: Slug It Out 2".