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Mole Man with a hat

Mole Man is a villain of Atomic Puppet. He first appeared in "Mole Men".


He appears more like the rest the group, the only thing that he wears is a a orange baseball cap, from which he stole from the construction worker in the first part of the episode.


He's mostly talkative, which is apparently annoying to Pauline and Joey, who is willing to do anything to satify, not just the needs for just himself, but for his Mole People, even if he commands his mole troups to steal anything electrical from above ground, like his mole people, sunlight can burn them badly and also can see in the dark with their eyes glowing.


Pauline Bell[]

As she was trapped in the store when the buliding sunk underground, as she escaped, she became furious and wanted to know what's going on, as Mole Man view her as a seldom by him being considered as of a bitter annoyance, as he most talks mostly about everything, as she consider him as annoying for being obnoxious and for talking way too much, while they tried to tie her down and tried to throw her into the lava.

Joey Felt / Atomic Puppet (Character)[]

Although, neiter of them had interacted with Mole Man until both found one of the Mole People and figured out that Mole Man was responsible for stealing all the city's buildings and utilities, However while much like Pauline, they both were annoyed by Mole Man's annoyingly but obnoxious talking.