I even had to sell my OWN car to make ends meet. Can you imagine that, I run a car shop and I take the bus!
      —Mitch, "Slashy Tires"

Mitch is a male bear and a tire shop owner in Zootopia: Crime Files. He is a suspect in a string of tire slashings. He appears in Case 3.

Physical Appearance[]

Mitch is a large hulk of a bear with thick brown fur and a cream-colored muzzle. He wears a blue car mechanic shirt and a matching baseball cap. His eyes (though described as being black) are brown, and he has a large black nose.

Role in the Game[]

While searching for clues for the case of a string of tires slashings in the plaza, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde question Mitch about the slashings. He says he had a lot of tires replaced after his customers' tires were slashed and that it's improved his business. Judy asks why his nails are greasy and he responds that he's a mechanic. Judy believes him and tells him they'll come back later for more questions.

Later, a mouse named Colby saw Mitch behind his shop. Judy and Nick discovered more slashed tires. After discovering a service sticker in Marie's limo, they learn from both Mitch and Marie that Mitch doesn't service Marie because he doesn't have her limo's type of tires and Mitch says they're so expensive. He says that he had to sell his car to pay his rent, so he takes the bus.

In the alley behind Mitch's, Judy and Nick find a memo. The memo says it's from Mitch's landlord, saying that Mitch is behind the rent and if he doesn't pay, he'll be evicted. After checking the plaza for clues one more time, they discover a fabric of blue cloth. They analyze it and they know it's from a car mechanic: Mitch.

Judy and Nick arrest Mitch for slashing tires, while Nick sees it as a good con, though illegal and wrong. Mitch confesses he slashed the tires, giving them new tires and says he's behind on the rent, and his landlord will evict him if he doesn't pay up so he needed some fast cash. His landlord says he wanted Mitch out so he can sell the property to a new development called "Sequoia Towers".


  • Mitch and Will share the same character model.