Mirror Julian is a tertiary antagonist from the Disney XD series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He is an evil version of Julian created as a result of him coming into contact with one of the Chaos Pearls.


Mirror Julian first appeared in the episode "Julian's Birthday Surprise", when Randy Cunningham brought along a Chaos Pearl to Julian's magic-themed birthday party at the Magic Funporium. Believing it to be a birthday gift, Julian got ahold of the pearl and ended up unleashing its power. Going crazy, Julian opened a portal to the Land of Shadows, and the unearthly creatures residing within emerged from it. Randy used his scarf to knock the pearl from Julian's hand, but the creatures grabbed ahold of him and started dragging him into the vortex. Randy told Howard to get the pearl but to use the bag to avoid touching it. Howard used the Ninja-for-the-Chaos Pearl trading deal, and the creatures released Randy at Julian's command. Howard threw the bag, and the creatures went after it. Julian went after the bag when Randy tossed it into the vortex. Randy wrapped his scarf around Julian's leg as Julian and the creatures grasped the bag. During the tug-of-war, an alternate version of Julian appeared, still clutching the bag. Mirror Julian ended up trapped in the Land of Shadows while the real Julian was pulled to safety. When Mirror Julian opened the bag, he found that Howard had swapped the pearl with a gargoyle's head, and let out an anguished scream of agony.

Mirror Julian later returned in the episode "Snow-Klahoma!" He managed to swap places with the real Julian, trapping him in the Land of Shadows.