Mire is an antagonist in the Disney Channel animated series Amphibia. He is a silent toad tax collector and warrior of the Toad Army who works for Captain Grime and is mostly seen wearing a large helmet that covers his face.


Physical Appearance[]

Mire is a large light-green toad with armor like his fellow tax collectors. His face is hidden by a large frog-shaped helmet. Behind the helmet's hatch, he has a small face with a light blue underbelly.

Role in the series[]

He first appeared in "Toad Tax" where he arrives into Wartwood with Fens and Mire to collect taxes. When Anne sees how cool they look, she decides to introduce herself to them. After fighting off Fens with her racket, Bog decides to let Anne join them as they collect taxes. However, they all start ransacking the residents and take their stuff as payment for their taxes, because the toads haven't received the money for their taxes. However, Anne kindly returns some of the things to the residents. When the Toads threaten to harass Hop Pop and take Bessie away from him, Anne finally stands up to the toads, claiming that even though the town doesn't respect her, she shouldn't have to disrespect them.

Anne fights off Bog and Fens, while Mire holds Hop and Polly hostage. Anne then gets her arm injured. Just then, all the residents of Wartwood arrive to stand up to the toads and defend Anne, where Mire's helmet reveals his face. Sprig then informs the toads that the reason they didn't get the town's taxes was because Mayor Toadstool hid them in a statue of himself. The toads then find the tax money and take their leave.

Mire's latest appearance was in "Reunion" where he is shown attacking the town with Bog and Fens. He later appears at the end of the episode, leaving with Grime and the Toad Army to parts unknown.

Mire makes a reappearance in "Toad to Redemption" where he and the other toad soldiers attack Wartwood to try and steal their money. In the end, he is defeated and goes back to Toad Tower once Bog becomes the new captain.



  • Mire only makes squeal sounds and does not speak.