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Minotaurs are creatures that are part men and part bull that fight with Jadis the White Witch in her army in the Narnia series.


Otmin, an example of a Minotaur.

Film role[]

Minotaurs were first seen when it is nighttime in the village of Narnia. General Otmin was working at nighttime, before Aslan walked to the Stone Table, various Minotaurs were working for her. During his sacrifice, Minotaurs were mooing, while the others are yelling. Soon, Otmin calls the army during the battle and they were all yelling, exluding the Polar Bears. Some Minotaurs are killed by boulders dropped by the Gryphons. Centaurs kill Minotaurs with their spears. In a deleted scene, a Minotaur kills a Centaur and a Rhinoceros kills it. Otmin, the general kills a pair of Centaurs with his axe. In a deleted scene, Minotaurs looked up at a Phoenix and they wanted to kill it. The Rhinoceros kills a Minotaur and Oreius kills Otmin, the general by placing swords at his back. Minotaurs were still fighting and when the music stopped, Peter kills a Minotaur. Minotaurs ran away after Jadis died.

Notable Minotaurs[]

Otmin (LLW Movie and Video Game Only)

Asterius (PC Movie Only)

White Minotaur (PC Video Game Only)