Minos and Fatima were a pair of con artists with Aziz and Aladdin's earlier adversaries in the Aladdin TV series.


Aladdin: The Series

Minos and Fatima first appear in the two-part episode "Seems Like Old Crimes" as part of a small traveling circus along with their friend, Aziz. They use their monkey, Abu to pickpocket their audience, but eventually hire the young Aladdin to do this instead. When Aladdin objects to stripping innocent citizens of all their money, Minos brings him in on their plan to steal the fabled Destiny Stone. Aladdin, Minos, Fatima, and Aziz go to the ruins where the Destiny Stone is kept.

When the trio attempt to steal the Destiny Stone, they are instead trapped inside, while Aladdin and Abu escape. Many years later, the three of them escape. Minos has become a minotaur, Fatima has become a harpy, and Aziz has become a goblin. With their new found powers, the three of them go on a crime spree in Agrabah, eventually setting their eyes on conquering the city and getting revenge on Aladdin for causing them to be trapped for many years.

They eventually return to the temple where the Destiny Stone was held, where after a brief conversation with Jasmine, Minos and Fatima, who have mutual love for each other, decide not to kill Aladdin, which causes Aziz to turn against them and attack them with his magic breath. The Destiny Stone thus turns Minos and Fatima back into humans, while Aziz prefers to keep his powers and escapes Minos and Fatima, who would later pursue him. Before leaving, they made their peace with Aladdin and Abu. They are both never seen or mentioned in the series again, and presumably got their happily ever after.

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