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Mina Loveberry is a recurring villaines, former Mewnian warrior and main antagonist of finale season from "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."

She is voiced by Amy Sedaris.


In the past Mina was once known as a great mewman warrior and Star's idol. However, when Star first meets her in the episode "Starstruck". Mina is revealed to be mentally insane as she is shown to be diving into dumpsters and putting paper bags on her head. She even tried to take over the earth with Star but Star refused. When the humans told Mina that they pick their leader by voting she lost her mind and became a super powered giant. After a fight with Star, Mina decide to leave Earth and return to Mewni.

She then appeared in a flashback from "The Battle of Mewni" segment "Moon the Undaunted". A young and more sane Mina is seen interrogating a monster about the death of Moon's mother. She decides about going to war with the monsters, however the princess decides to face the monsters' leader, Toffee, alone. When Moon cuts off Toffee's finger with the darkest spell given to her by Eclipsa, Mina and the rest of Moon's court bow before her.

Her latest appearance was in "Monster Bash" where she captures some monsters from Star's party in the ancient monster temple. Mina believes that the monsters are evil, but when Star tries to reason with her, Mina doesn't listen. When Miss Heinous arrives, Mina reveals that Heinous is actually Meteora Butterfly, the daughter of Eclipsa Butterfly and her monster husband. Mina then tries to kill Heinous but is stopped by Star, Marco and Tom. When Heinous gets away, Mina goes on an angry rampage looking for her, then escaped when the Mewman guards show up.

She is seen again in "Divide" when Marco suggests sending Mina to fight Meteora. One of the guards says that they already sent her to fight but she lost. The guard then shows Mina's soulless body as proof while it floats in the air.



Mina has a design resembling Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon from the anime and manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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