Milo the Snake is a snake who appears in the Sofia the First episode "Stormy Lani" as the secondary antagonist.



Contary to the popular image of the treacherous and cowardly snake, Milo is very loyal to his mistress Mamanu to the point where he's willingly evil. Despite his meek attitude, he is brave enough to ask Mamanu, someone that he is fearful of disappointing, to send him on a mission. He's also shown to have a big mouth to the point where he's unable to keep sensitive information to himself.

Role in the Series[]

He first appears with his mistress Mamanu when the Kingdom of Hakalo is hosting its traditional Fire Pearl ceremony to see if Princess Lani is worthy of being the heir to the throne of Hakalo by testing how well she can control her weather controling powers. His mistress decides to use this test as an oppurtunity to get revenge on Hakalo. She'll make the test difficult enough to make Lani lose her temper and create a storm big enough to destroy the Island Kingdom and Milo agrees to help her but Mamanu tells him to stay out of her way. Mamanu tries to make Lani create the storm by herself but she keeps failing because Princess Sofia of Enchancia keeps calming Lani down. Mamanu finally sends Milo in after turning him into a three headed snake. He initally succeds when he makes Sofia and Lani have a fight but after the two girls reconcile he is defeated after Lani makes it hail. Mamanu punishes him for his failure by turning him to stone.