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  • If a brand name is used in a movie, the studio has to pay the company who owns that name for the right to use it. The exact way they pay for the use can vary, whether it's with money or some sort of recognition like "The name 'Panasonic' used with permission by the Panasonic Corporation" in the credits.

    Don't try to force characters to have names they actually don't have. This is a kind of fan fiction. The longer it continues, the more it becomes false information and vandalism. From what I've been able to find out, you've done this same thing for about five years now and have been blocked a few times because of it. If you continue, you will be blocked from editing here for a while, and due to how many times you've done this, it may be a long block such as six months, a year, or longer.

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    • I have bought all three movies and will be watching them shortly. Afterward, I will update the page with their exact names as per the movie and its credits. If you attempt to change the names away from them, you will be blocked here for at least six months.

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