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  • Since you are a little confused in antagonism levels and yet you did admit it on the Pryde topic I will give you a little help. First of all, this is NOT villains wiki or antagonists wiki. Second, technically Hux and Pryde both had bigger ambitions than Ren so that makes them more or less higher antagonists. Hux was the direct threat and the true main villain until Palpatine and Pryde took over. Ren was an anti-hero and was not even an antagonist of The Rise of Skywalker, since he was rather a conflicted teenager without moral or ambition.

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    • It's helpful to people trying to do book or movie reports that ask who the main antagonist, or the deutragonist of the story is or whether they were hidden or redeemed etc. I have to do alot of those.

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    • A wiki can be a starting point for something like that but it couldn't be an official source. You could write a report about Kylo Ren from the basis of him being the main antagonist of The Force Awakens and by the time you turned it in, the page could say he's the secondary antagonist. Your source of information changed from underneath you.

      But that doesn't change the fact that these labels are opinions. You ask ten people what kind of antagonist he is and you'll get up to ten different levels. Sometimes the same person changes their mind, as you have.

      In five days, you've said he is the following:

      1. the anti-hero of the sequel trilogy, appearing as the main antagonist of TFA, TLJ and he progressivly became the deuteragonist of TROS.
      2. the anti-hero of the sequel trilogy, appearing as the main antagonist of TFA, TLJ and the secondary antagonist-turned-deutragonist of TROS.
      3. the (former) secondary antagonist anti-hero of the sequel trilogy, appearing as the main antagonist of TFA, TLJ and the secondary antagonist-turned-deutragonist of TROS.
      4. the (former) secondary antagonist anti-hero of the sequel trilogy, appearing as the main antagonist of TFA, TLJ, and the tertiary antagonist-turned-deutragonist of TROS.

      You changed it to #3 one minute after you made it be #2, and then five minutes later, you changed it from #3 to #4.

      Which one is he? Do you even know? Why did you change it three times in just six minutes? Anyone that might be trying to write a report about him would look at your edits and conclude they are unreliable because you can't make up your mind.

      That is the whole problem with antagonist fussing. It isn't just that if you ask several people you'll get several answers. It's the people that are doing this can't make up their mind and stick with it. They change it just to change it, as proved by how little time passes between each change. They argue and squabble with others about how their rigidly-defined label is correct at that moment, only to argue and squabble on a different day how their new rigidly-defined label for that same character is now correct. And then they pick something different or flip-flop back to what they said before.

      The words people use are also contradictory. Sometimes deuteragonist means "there are two equally-important good guys" and sometimes it means "this is a second-level good guy". Then you stick "tertiary" in front of it and the meanings change to "there were two-equally important good guys but this one is less important" or "this is a character who is less important than other second-most-important characters".

      Antagonist and protagonist labels have become USELESS because of this. They lead to fights and edit wars. Time is wasted trying to push each person's rigidly-defined level, including times when they contradict themselves, and the other 99% of what makes that character a person is ignored.

      It's going to stop.

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  • Please find something other to do than to pin labels on characters about what kind of antagonist they are. People that focus on this generally don't do anything else, so they miss out on everything that makes the character a person while they obsess what kind of label to put on the character that day.

    And in case you didn't see it, the example I gave a month ago of antagonists fussing came from your edits to the page for Al McWhiggin, where you changed what kind of antagonist he was to three different labels in just two days.

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    • Here we go again.

      On December 23, you said Stinky Pete was the hidden true main antagonist of Toy Story 2. Today, Pete is just the secondary antagonist.

      Since you can't stop antagonist fussing, you're blocked from this wiki for a month and the blocks on the two Antagonists Wikis are being increased to match.

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    • someone else changed that i didn't change it to secondary, i'm pretty sure hidden and true aren't allowed on wikis anymore.

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    • You're partially correct.

      1. This edit on December 23 shows you changing it from "the hidden secondary antagonist" to "the hidden true main antagonist".
      2. This edit shows that someone else had previously changed it to "the hidden secondary antagonist" and you took the word "hidden" out.

      Two weeks ago you thought he was hidden in the story and was the true main antagonist. Today, you accepted that he was the secondary antagonist but removed hidden, which means during the entire movie it was obvious that Pete was an antagonist.

      This is just more antagonist fussing, where you change it just to change it, even if you have to contradict what you said before.

      I said this is going to stop, and by that, I mean EVERYONE is going to stop antagonist fussing. You're another example of why it has to happen.

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Wickedpedia community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to Emperor Palpatine!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Wickedpedia!

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