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  • I notice you've been changing your mind a lot about what kind of antagonists General Hux and Kylo Ren are. Specifically:

    General Hux:

    • 11/25/2018: "main antagonist" for the sequel trilogy and "main, later secondary antagonist" for Star Wars Resistance
    • 2/2/2019: you took out the description for Resistance
    • 4/1/2019: "main, later secondary" for the trilogy and put the Resistance description back in
    • 4/12/2019: "possible main antagonist" for the trilogy

    Kylo Ren:

    • 11/27/2019: "tertiary antagonist" of The Force Awakens
    • 2/2/2019: "central antagonist" of The Last Jedi and a new Trivia section that says Kylo is the "main antagonist" of the first two films
    • 4/1/2019: "secondary, later true main" of the sequel trilogy, "secondary antagonist" of The Force Awakens, "true main" of The Last Jedi, and changes to the Trivia section to match that
    • four minutes later: "tertiary turned true main" of The Last Jedi
    • 4/12/2019: "possible main antagonist" of the sequel trilogy

    Each of these changes tell me you really don't know what kind of antagonist they are and you're changing them just to change them. This is the same thing you've been doing for a while and even going back to where you used to twist characters into looking like they're more evil than they actually are.

    I know you're a fan of both Hux and Ren and it's fun to speculate about what they might do in a movie, but when you make wild guesses and change your mind so often that you contradict yourself, you're not helping.

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    • RRabbit42 dont trust this guy He says Davy Jones,General Grievous,Waternoose are pure evil Lotso and Cutler becketg are affaby evil

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    • It's because The Great Villains wiki is supposed to be different and special from other misinformed sites and is not a "copy paste" of any other site but it provides the information rather according to the story than what the editors (notably the admins) might think. It is not a copycat of Villains Wiki or even Antagonists Wiki and therefore it has no space for common misinformation or in other cases which are not misinformation I should rather call it the story in a different perspective.

      On this Great Villains Wiki that I host the material is mainly written in the ways that I see true to the specific story and not just "common misinformation from other sites". And yes, Davy Jones was a heartless beast who had no emotions towards others and he became a beast not against his will but because he was bent on having his revenge (which also turns him into a Provoker) and he got rid of tragic emotions and of any feelings at all. Grievous was a cyborg willing to conquer the entire galaxy and kill millions of aliens with no remorse, and there is no official movie evidence showing that he is tragic or fallen hero. Waternoose was willing to do the worst thing; use Sully to produce scream power while he and Randall kidnapp 1000+ children and possibly even kill them by using The Scream Extractor. Lotso however was motivated by the fact that toys are thrown away just like he was thrown away and betrayed by Daisy. But deep inside, Lotso had feelings to an extent and he was motivated by a tragic past. However, Lotso was too angry, vengeful and obsessed to abandon his plans. That still does not turn him into Totally Dark/Pure Evil, however, because he only sent a bunch of toys and not even beings to their own doomsday, and he did not plan anything really evil nor genocidal or homicidal. Cutler Beckett said in his last lines "It's just a good business" and realized his mistakes, as he would not even prepare himself to fire at the pirates and at William Turner and his Dutchman crew. That shows he is a little (if not very) remorseful.

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    • There has been a lot of debate over the years about how much of an antagonist or a villain character A is in comparison to character B, which never really gets settled because one person will pick character A, another person will pick B and a third person will pick A again. It's something I've started looking at for a couple of specific movies, as a way of settling the debate with an objective analysis solely on what's in the movie and leaving out "well, character A from movie 2 is more of an antagonist than character C from movie 3 or character D from movie 7".

      Getting back to my original question, HuxRen123, when you look at a character, what causes you to change your mind about them later on, and keep changing your mind about them almost every time you edit the page? Do you actually have a reason to change it or are you changing it just to change it, even if it means you contradict what you said earlier? Are you changing it just so it will be different than what the last person said, even if the last person was yourself?

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    • No, not at all. Infact, I change my mind about villains because I sometimes see something new in the movie that I haven't realized what it means before. For instance, Kylo Ren gave his surprises and twists in The Last Jedi as he took over the leadership from both Snoke and Hux. Well before that, I was thinking that Hux was going to remain the main antagonist until the end of the trilogy, as I saw him manipulating both Ren's capabilities and Snoke's green lights for a new scheme which Hux has orchestrated. When I first saw Ren causing these twists, well I thought to myself that he must be the main antagonist of the movie or at least the central antagonist for being the direct threat and usurping Snoke and Hux (which technically that's also a kind of manipulation). But when I saw the film a few times to analyze the story, I understood that Hux was the main antagonist of the first half of the movie, as Kylo Ren takes over during the final act. There is even a part which Ivé just realized what it actually meant a few weeks ago, and it's when Hux gives up the supremacy in order to survive Ren's force-choke by making the excuse "Long live the supreme leader". Basically, that kind of evil person would be sarcastic and ambitious when he does such an act (much like Scar was). Hux was pretty much agreeing for Kylo Ren becoming the next supreme leader because he thought that he could use Ren just like he used Snoke (although it didn't work out for him, because Ren was much stronger than he thought) and that's another reason why they share the role of the main villain/Big Bad.

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  • hey so it's been a while i think season 1 is done of star wars resistance and this takes place right before the seventh episode of star wars they have captain phasma into the series and there will be a season 2 but it might be in october 2019 

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    20 bib fortuna 

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  • Hi, welcome to Wickedpedia! Thanks for your edit to the General Hux page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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