I was just followin' orders, but I won't say from who. I'm a hamster, not a rat!
      —Merle, "The Wolf of Paw Street"

Merle is a male hamster in the game Zootopia: Crime Files. He is a yoga instructor who is suspected of stealing the Missing Jeweled Acorn in Case 1. In the updated version of said case, he is suspected of a stealing a statue.

Physical Appearance

Merle is a hamster with brown fur and a white muzzle and neck. He sports a pink nose and ears, and beady black eyes, as well as sizable buckteeth. In "A Jewel of a Nut", Merle wears an eyepatch. In "The Wolf of Paw Street", the eyepatch is absent. In both cases, he wears a red shirt, though in the latter the shirt bears sleeve stripes.

Role in the Game

A Jewel of a Nut (Case #1)

Merle, along with Rodney, is suspected of stealing the most valuable oak nut in the world, the "Jeweled Acorn". After deducing that the missing acorn was in the cheeks of a soda-loving culprit with tiny feet, Judy Hopps realizes that Merle, a hamster she knows, fits all these criteria. When Merle is arrested, he admits he took the acorn because he thought it would be tasty, only to discover that it was "hard and not tasty".

The Wolf of Paw Street (Case #1v2)

Merle, along with Dribs, is suspected of stealing a statue from the Natural History Museum. After finding a piece of fabric that was part of a shirt worn by a small animal, and a threatening note that was deduced to have been in someone's mouth, Judy and Nick arrest Merle for vandalism. Merle says he was just following orders, but refuses to say from who.


  • In the early version of the game, Merle wears an eye patch over his left eye and has a donut in his cheek. But in the updated release of the game, he's not wearing an eye patch and has a piece of paper in his cheek.
  • Merle and Nolte have the same character model.
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